Caterina's Story - in loving memory of Valentina

24 Feb 2022

Our daughter’s name is Valentina Bozzi. She developed a condition called Triploidy at conception, which my husband Samuel and I found out about at 21 weeks.

When we went to our 20-week scan in Mildura, we were told she was measuring small and we were sent to Melbourne for further testing. When we arrived at the Royal Women’s Hospital we were told we were there to scan her brain. During the scan, we were told she was not only small but there were issues with her brain, kidneys, heart and her stomach had herniated into her chest. They believed she had 3 chromosomes instead of 2. We were then taken to do an amniocentesis to test if this could be genetic.

That same day we were given what was really a choiceless choice - to go through with a medical termination or wait until our baby died naturally in the womb or during labour. Her condition was lethal. We decided to go through with a medical termination. A day later we were admitted to the birthing suite at the hospital and I was induced. My labour went for 16 hours and at 3.09am our baby girl was born. She was 179 grams and a little mini princess.

We stayed with her for a day as she lay in a cold crib until we had to come home to Mildura. She was baptised just over a week later, followed by her funeral the next day. We celebrated her due date with her at her resting place on 24-1-22.

I hope that sharing Valentina’s story it can help raise awareness about rare conditions such as Triploidy and get people talking more about pregnancy and infant loss so those who may be experiencing it don’t feel isolated and alone.

Honouring Valentina through saying her name and sharing her story is our way of keeping her close to us. We celebrate and talk about Valentina just like anyone else would talk about their children. She will never be a taboo in our world.

Valentina, our angel in heaven, I carried you for every second of your life and I promise to love you for every second of mine.

Say Their Name Day is on March 25 – a special day to remember all of the little lives we have loved and lost, and support bereaved families.