In loving memory...

By Alicia Lesko

I do not wish for my donation to appear on the memory wall.

Every little life matters and deserves to be celebrated

I created this page for Say Their Name Day to raise funds for Sands and Red Nose so they can continue their important work supporting bereaved families across Australia.

If you can support my fundraiser, you will be helping to bring care and comfort to families when they need it most.

Every dollar raised helps support bereaved families by making sure every family has access to the information and networks they need to move forward and rebuild their lives, now and in the future. 

That means timely access to information resources, an understanding voice on the end of the phone, and an ongoing connection with other families through support groups and remembrance activities.

So please, help me raise much-needed funds to ensure every bereaved family has access to the support they need, for as long as they need it.

Thank you.

My Updates

Deep Sadness

Wednesday 24th Mar
My aunt used to always say "deep sadness" in response to the many tragedies I faced when I was younger. All of those pale in comparison to the deep sadness we are feeling in the wake of this loss. If you can, this foundation in Australia provides support for grieving parents and seeks to end the stigma about pregnancy loss. If you are willing, please join us in honoring those lost little loves taken too soon.